5 Care Tips for Doggos & Rescue Hoomans

~ Last updated on Oct 23, 2021 ~

Looking after your pooch (and yourself) is a big responsibility and can be time consuming, but well worth it! Did you know there are several things you can do to help care for yourself as well as your doggo, pupper, or inbetween floofs?

In general, ensure you are both eating right, keeping regular with vet and doctor visits, keeping up with grooming, and are also able to enjoy daily life.

Here are 5 care tips for doggos & rescue hoomans alike:


Puppers generally have more energy than adult doggos and require more nature in short burst zoomies. Since puppers are continually growing, several short walks throughout the day than going for one really long walk, as this can be too hard on your pupper’s developing body.

Your older doggo’s health is also important. If your adult doggo has a medical condition, such as hip dysplasia or heart / respiratory issue, talk with your vet to discuss an exercise routine that will help them to stay healthy without causing any discomfort.


Social interactions are a very healthy habit for doogos and hoomans alike. Go out to a bark park or schedule a social play date. It will help your pupper develop through different experiences early on.

Otherwise, your pupper may lack confidence, be shy, act timid, and can even become aggressive. Patiently socializing your new pupper will help to turn them into an outgoing, friendly, trustworthy adult doggo companion.

Play Time

Even though playing with your doggo is considered to be exercise, we have decided to include it in it’s very own section. Play time with your doggo strengthens the bond between you both and also offers mental stimulation and exercise.

So, play a game of hide-&-seek. Chase one another around or declare a nice game of tug of war. Play fetch or run through steps for obedience training. Whatever you like playing, you will continue to increase your loving bond with your doggo.

Regular Vaccinations

Your doggos vaccinations will help keep you and your loved ones safe and healthy. Keeping them up to date on vaccinations is the best way to protect your best friend against an array of illnesses.

Vaccinations work through an injection of a small amount of infectious organisms. Your doggo’s immune system activates due to the new foreign body and begins to fight against them. After the vaccinations, they will be able to identify and release antibodies more quickly.

Lots of Love

While life can be very hectic and time consuming, be sure to never forget to spend quality time with your doggo.

According to a survey done by the Human Animal Bond Research Institute, 74% of pet owners reported mental health improvements due to pet ownership, and 75% of pet owners said a friend’s or family member’s mental health has improved because of pet ownership. Through their unconditional love for us, it is no wonder why they are (hoo)man’s best friend!

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