5 Suggestions to Help with Car Sickness

~ Last updated on Oct 23, 2021 ~

Does your doggo get an upset tum-tum when they ride in the car? Follow these 5 suggestions to help you both have a smooth ride.

Raven creeping at me through the rear view.

Reduce Car Anxiety
Car sickness is more often caused by anxiety, instead of the motion of the vehicle causing the motion sickness. Have your doggo sit in the car (without going anywhere) for a few minutes each day for a week. Then, for several days begin to drive a short distances (like around the neighborhood). Slowly increase the distance and time they ride around each day. Be sure to offer a lot of praise as you want your dog to start associating that car rides are good. Taking them to visit with friends or to the bark park will help them start to associate car rides with positive experiences.

Meal Planning
Water is ok and may make your doggo feel more comfortable. Don’t feed your dog 4-8 hours prior to a car trip. However, some dogs may feel better with small amounts of food. If they have vomited on an empty stomach in previous trips, try providing your doggo with a small amount of food.

Proper Vehicle Airflow
Be sure to avoid opening the windows so they can get out or stick their head through. Crack them open just enough to let the breeze flow through the car. If you don’t want to roll down the windows, you can always keep fresh air flowing while your doggo is in the car to help them stay comfortable.

Road Trippin’ with my 2 Favorite Allies (Dags & Raven)

Smooth Riding
Make the car ride as comfortable as possible for your doggo. Several ways to do this is by laying down the seats and put padding down or maybe try buying special toys that your doggo enjoys and only has access to in the car. Be sure to always drive carefully and slowly enough to avoid jerking movements. On long trips, stop every hour or so to give your doggo a little water and a quick walk. A potty or sniff break can help your doggo associate car rides with fun new things to explore.

Talk to Your Vet
If the suggestions above do not work, talk with your veterinarian about possible over the counter solutions (such as Dramamine or other alternative) and be sure to give your doggo the suggested amount by your vet.

If you suspect your pet is sick, call your vet immediately. For health-related questions, always consult your veterinarian as they can make the best recommendations. They have examined your pet and know their health history.

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