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Modern Day Ode to Stonehenge

My first big road trip was not the best planned, and that was kind of the idea. Unfortunately, due to that, I missed a lot of destinations I could have visited… Carhenge was one of those places.

I had totally forgotten about it when I drove through Nebraska and was reminded about it by a friend after I had gotten back. I was now determined to make sure to see it the next time I was out that way.

My 1st of Many Henges

I’ll never forget watching PBS as a kid and seeing them document the build of Carhenge. Fast forward to me as an adult and visiting here made me feel like a kid again. This art installation will always have a close spot in my heart. I highly recommend seeing it if you are able to.

Up until this point I had only really known about two Henges: Carhenge & the real Stonehenge. I have now fallen into a rabbit hole of searching for other Henges around the country. If you happen to know of any in your area (stone or otherwise) please do let me know in the comments below.

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