Chloride Junkyard Art Fence
Chloride Junkyard Art Fence

Chloride Junkyard Art Fence

~ Last updated on Jul 9, 2021 ~

Chloride - Arizona
Sign for Chloride, Arizona

If you use the pin on the directions map I’ve added, you will be at the location of the Chloride Sign. You will want to turn down this road to head towards the town.

Keep heading down this road until you see the Rattlesnake Graffiti Rock. This is an indicator that you are heading in the correct direction. A little further down the road and you’ve reached the Junkyard Art Fence.

I had only come here to see the fence and realized later that I should have headed down towards the town. I generally tend to avoid Ghost Towns with signs as they can be tourist attractions, but the town supposedly has a lot more Junkyard Art on display. Next time I’m in the area, I’ll be sure to check out the town as well.

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