Meet the Doggos

~ Last updated on Oct 2, 2020 ~


(aka The Ravenator)
Travel Status: Permanent

Raven was my first doggo as an adult and I often refer to her as “the best decision of my adult life”. She is a high energy Sheppard / Husky / Pug (yes Pug lol) mix. Out of all my doggos, Raven loves the water most, but also enjoys long hikes and forest adventures too.


(aka Mister Dags / Daggers)
Travel Status: Road Retired

In all honesty, I got my 2nd dog to help keep Raven company while I was away at work during the day. I would consider Dags a run of the mill, “do 1st; think 2nd”, American Staffordshire Terrier mix. While on the road, he enjoys it all as long as the conditions aren’t too extreme. In his spare time, he enjoys chasing lizards and in his youth, he used to climb trees to go after them!


(aka Clara)
Travel Status: Road Active

Clara, my Claribel. Ever since I was a kid, I always wanted a floppy eared hound or beagle of some kind. While all of my doggos have traveled many country roads, Clara is the most road dawg of them all. Her adventures started at the early age of 6 months and continue till this very day.

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  1. Love the Doggos and the Hooman! Can’t wait for the adventures to begin!

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