Paria, Utah
Paria, Utah

Paria, Utah

~ Last updated on Jul 16, 2021 ~

A True Western Ghost Town

Unfortunately, I was not able to make it all the way to where the actual town site was located. The road had been washed out by a recent storm and I didn’t want to make the hike in the sweltering heat. I did however get as far as the old town Cemetery and info signs prior to making it into town.

Westworld Anyone?

I had actually never heard of Paria until I watched the new HBO Westworld series which references the town a lot in the first 2 seasons. I figured since I was in the area, I’d check out what all the talk was about.

If you follow the map I’ve added, this will take you to the first part of Paria which features a pull off area with some info signs. If you continue North on the road, you will reach the Paria Cemetery. Just beyond that was where the road washed out for me so I didn’t go any further, but beyond that is the Paria Townsite Picnic Area.

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