Pip the Giraffe 🦒

Pip the Giraffe

~ Last updated on Nov 4, 2021 ~

…And One Day a Giraffe Appeared…

While driving US1 like I always do, I noticed this new Giraffe statue and thought it was cool. Then, later on, I saw the giraffe again, but this time dressed and all ready for Summer. Now that it is close to July, the giraffe is dressed up for Independence Day!

His name is from Charles Dickens’s novel Great Expectations

I absolutely love this type of thing and wanted to learn more about Pip the Giraffe. Before I reached out to ask questions, I did a quick search for “Great Expectations Pip” and found that the name Pip is actually from the novel Great Expectations. I reached out to Great Expectations Realty and they had the following to say about him…

I have always had an affinity for giraffes because they are surprisingly gentle and graceful, but strong fierce animals. Our business has always been called Great Expectations from the novel, and the name Pip just seemed fun and fit perfectly. We purchased Pip several months ago during the pandemic and felt it was something that would make people smile and pause for a moment. Our goal was to bring joy, and have fun with him. We like to dress him up so people look forward to seeing what he does next. We have a few special holidays coming up, like Net Cancer support day that will also have special meaning, and we will post on our page to show support around the community.

For me, it’s the simplicity of seeing something that just makes you smile and for that, I thank the folks at Great Expectations Realty. Keep up the good work and can’t wait to see how Pip looks next!

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