Studio 3115

Studio 3115 Sculpture

~ Last updated on Nov 1, 2021 ~

En Route from Santa Fe to Albuquerque

On the outskirts of the very tiny artistic town of Madrid, New Mexico, I was surprised again by the road providing an excellent unplanned stop.

Studio 3115, Los Cerrillos, New Mexico
Studio 3115, Los Cerrillos, New Mexico

As I usually do, I turned around to take pictures of the awesome art displayed on this residential property. As I was leaving, the owner pulled up and invited me in to walk around and take the tour of his work place and in-progress art areas.

Kenneth James Wolverton

Kenneth James Wolverton
Selfie with the Amazing Kenneth James Wolverton

We spent some time trading stories of travelling and he spoke about his time in the Vietnam War. Mr. Wolverton comes from a family of artistic junkers and was really cool to meet and talk shop with. To me, it’s being able to meet people like this while on the road that makes it all worth it.

Born in Pueblo, Colorado, 1944, he is an international artist who for 40 years has created Public Art. His artworks are in Europe, the Middle East, Australia, Guatemala, and America. His work has spanned murals, sculptures, performance arts, theater, movie sets and numerous writing and photo publications. He lived in Europe from 1973 to 1986 and as of the date of this original posting, he now lives outside Madrid, New Mexico.

If you want to learn more, you can still see Mr. Wolverton’s old website through this archive link.

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