The St. Omer Witch Grave

The St. Omer Witch Grave

~ Last updated on Aug 28, 2022 ~

After entering St. Omer Cemetery, head straight back towards the tree and you will find the grave of “The St. Omer Witch”.

The reason why I wanted to visit here is because I had never actually seen Feb. 31 in any print before. The reason for this is usually because the death date may not have been known. Other accounts state the St. Omer Witch was to return on the anniversary of her death. Making it officially Feb 31 would “prevent” her from reappearing.

When looking over the grave I noticed offerings placed atop, which is normal. I noticed a shell and decided to pick it up and as I did a tiny spider crawled out from under… Seriously, I can’t make this stuff up… and what do I find underneath the shell, but the witch’s chipped glass heart.

This heart was placed as an offering as an act of kindness. Anyone who removes this witch’s heart will be cursed (and their relatives / descendants will be cursed) “for always and eternity”.


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