The World’s Largest Fork

World's Largest Fork Springfield, MO

~ Last updated on Sep 27, 2021 ~

The Big Hand Strikes Again ~ World's Largest Fork
The Big Hand Strikes Again ~ World’s Largest Fork

Located in Springfield, Missouri is a 35 foot tall fork stuck in the ground at an angle. It weighs 11 tons and is almost as tall as the 3 story building next to it.

According to Noble & Associates, a Springfield ad agency, in 1998 the fork stood in front of a restaurant that failed on South Glenstone, in otherwise booming Springfield. The ad agency hauled the fork across town to its new office building, where it’s been ever since.

A plaque at its base states that it is “The World’s Largest Fork,” which may be true. It now marks the headquarters of the Food Channel, not to be confused with the major Food Network.

World's Largest Fork Info Sign
World’s Largest Fork Info Plaque

The only thing I’ve seen close to the size of this would be the giant fork and meatball located in Branson, Missouri at the Pasghetti’s Italian Restaurant. It is definitely smaller, however they claim that theirs is “The World’s Largest Fork & Meatball“.


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World's Largest Fork & Meatball
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