Thomas S. Stoll Memorial Park

~ Last updated on Jun 30, 2021 ~

Thomas S. Stoll Memorial Park is an 80-acre park featuring a walking trail, picnic areas, playground, a small pond, seven athletic playing fields, and a seven-acre off-leash dog area!

Properly Sized for a Dog Park

Stopping at this dog park was great! It was clean, large, and had other friendly dogs to play with. All too often I go looking for a dog park and find it to be very small. This was the first dog park where Raven & Dags could actually run out of sight from me.

If you watch the video below, you will see that this is a nice spread out dog park. At the end of the video you will see a tree line in the background which had a trail within the dog park area. With it being a hot day, it was nice they had this shady area to walk.

If you find yourself in or around Overland Park, Kansas, I recommend checking this park out with your doggos to stretch your legs and play a little.

At the end of the video I realized I should probably start walking over towards where my dogs are…


…That’s when we found the trails over by the tree line. I placed them on their leash so they would stay together.

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  1. Loved seeing Raven and Dags! They enjoyed so many adventures together. 💕🐶

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