World's Largest Fork & Meatball
World's Largest Fork & Meatball

World’s Largest Fork & Meatball

~ Last updated on Jun 28, 2021 ~

Largest Fork and Meatball
Largest Fork and Meatball located at Pasghetti’s in Branson, MO

Branson, Missouri is known for some pretty large things. The World’s Largest Fork & Meatball (not to be confused with The World’s Largest Fork which I saw in Springfield) is located at the Pasghetti’s Italian Restaurant.

The fork has ‘pasghetti‘ wrapped around it and the meatball below features a tunnel to walk through to get to the entrance of the restaurant and makes for a fun spot for a photo. The building also features a very large tomato and green pepper.

I did not eat here when I was visiting, but now that I am researching more about it, it sounds like it could be worth a stop just to see the inside. They have seven themed “Days Gone By” dining rooms throughout and even a Ferris wheel located in the restaurant (which now explains the size of the building from the outside).

Pasghetti's Themed Dining
Pasghetti’s Themed Dining
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