16 Travel Doggo Checklist Items

~ Last updated on Jul 11, 2020 ~

No matter the type of trip you are taking, these doggo travel checklist items will help you to get prepared:

  1. Up-to-date identification tags with a minimum of your doggo’s name and your cell phone number
  2. A secure dog collar or harness
  3. A strong leash as well as a backup leash just in case
  4. Food from home, fresh water, and sturdy bowls for both
  5. A variety of your doggo’s favorite toys
  6. Bedding that can be used in both the car as well as lodging areas
  7. Pleanty of doggy waste bags
  8. Basic rooming supplies (brush, nail clipper, flea comb, etc.)
  9. Medications in sturdy, waterproof containers
  10. Dramamine for car sickness (be sure to check with your veterinarian for the proper dosage or other alternatives)
  11. Proof of vaccinations and copies of any other medical records
  12. Pet first-aid kit (tweezers to remove ticks or splinters, eye wash, gauze bandages, tape, antiseptic wipes, scissors and stypic powder to stop toenail bleeding, etc.)
  13. Doggo seat belt, crate, or other restraining device
  14. Your veterinarian’s telephone number in case of questions / concerns while on the road
  15. Any current photo of your dog in case (heaven forbid) they get lost
  16. …and last but not least, bring your doggo!
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