7 Simple Doggo Travel Rules

As you travel, you will figure out what is easiest for you and your road dawg. To start you off on down the road, be sure to follow these 7 simple doggo travel rules:

  1. Be respectful to others. Not everyone is the doggo lover that you are. Do not impose your love of them onto others.
  2. Bring only well-trained, well-socialized dogs when traveling. A vacation is no place for remedial dog training.
  3. Use a harness leash as it provides more security and control over your dog than a regular collar.
  4. Make sure your doggo’s ID tags, license (if one is needed), and vaccinations are all up to date.
  5. Be sure to clean up after your doggo and bring plenty of plastic waste bags.
  6. Bring plenty drinking water as well as your doggo’s own food from home. Not being able to find the same food while on the road can happen and switching foods can cause potential for an upset stomach.
  7. Always keep your doggo’s safety first and foremost to your own. Do not take them off leash in undesignated areas. Be aware of your dogs reactions to areas you may go. Don’t push them into uncomfortable or frightening situations.
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