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Giant Red Arrow

The Giant Red Arrow

~ Last updated on Sep 28, 2021 ~ When in doubt, it is best to use easily recognizable landmarks to remember where you parked your car. I’m sure I won’t have a problem remembering where I’ve parked this time!

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Bart Prince’s Spaceship House

Prince Bart's Spaceship House

~ Last updated on Sep 27, 2021 ~ While driving towards Bart Prince’s Spaceship House, I was surprised to see this large sculpture on a residential lawn… so of course I stopped and took a picture of it. Sorry, but I am not sure of it’s specific location, but if …

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Studio 3115

Studio 3115 Sculpture

~ Last updated on Nov 1, 2021 ~ En Route from Santa Fe to Albuquerque On the outskirts of the very tiny artistic town of Madrid, New Mexico, I was surprised again by the road providing an excellent unplanned stop. As I usually do, I turned around to take pictures …

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Oshara Village – Santa Fe, NM

Oshara Village Roundabout

~ Last updated on Sep 27, 2021 ~ While driving through Oshara Village in New Mexico, I happened upon a roundabout with this cool Tree sculpture in the middle of it. There are some type of crows/ravens (possibly buzzards) perched on the tree. While I think this looks really cool, …

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