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Bunnyhenge 🐰


~ Last updated on Sep 28, 2021 ~ When I said I went down a rabbit hole looking for more “Henges”, this was NOT what I was expecting to find! This is clearly the most important and most significant of all the different henges of the world!! Claribel insists on …

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Amelia Earhart Earthwork

Amelia Earhart Earthworkk

~ Last updated on Sep 27, 2021 ~ If you weren’t looking for it, and didn’t know what this was, you’d probably just think it looks like a weird garden area. That’s what my thoughts were when I was here. Not really sure what I expected to really see from …

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The Navy Yard Sea Monster 🐙

Sea Monsters HERE Warning Sign

~ Last updated on Sep 28, 2021 ~ This temporary inflatable sculpture, called “Sea Monsters HERE,” was located at Building 611 in the South Philly Navy Yard, and it holds the (incredibly specific) title of being the world’s largest inflatable tentacle sculpture. The installation was visible from Oct. 8, 2018 …

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Studio 3115

Studio 3115 Sculpture

~ Last updated on Nov 1, 2021 ~ En Route from Santa Fe to Albuquerque On the outskirts of the very tiny artistic town of Madrid, New Mexico, I was surprised again by the road providing an excellent unplanned stop. As I usually do, I turned around to take pictures …

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Oshara Village – Santa Fe, NM

Oshara Village Roundabout

~ Last updated on Sep 27, 2021 ~ While driving through Oshara Village in New Mexico, I happened upon a roundabout with this cool Tree sculpture in the middle of it. There are some type of crows/ravens (possibly buzzards) perched on the tree. While I think this looks really cool, …

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Chloride Junkyard Art Fence

Chloride Junkyard Art Fence

~ Last updated on Sep 27, 2021 ~ If you use the pin on the directions map I’ve added, you will be at the location of the Chloride Sign. You will want to turn down this road to head towards the town. Keep heading down this road until you see …

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Carhenge & Car Art Reserve


~ Last updated on Sep 28, 2021 ~ Modern Day Ode to Stonehenge My first big road trip was not the best planned, and that was kind of the idea. Unfortunately, due to that, I missed a lot of destinations I could have visited… Carhenge was one of those places. …

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