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Trip #13

The Wooldridge Monuments

Wooldridge Monuments

~ Last updated on Sep 28, 2021 ~ The World’s Largest Non-Moving Cemetery Procession …Or as some refer to it, “The Strange Procession Which Never Moves“. The Wooldridge Monuments were built for Colonel Henry G. Wooldridge, to commemorate his family members and loved ones. I normally do not take pictures …

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Little Grand Canyon Trail

Little Grand Canyon Trail

~ Last updated on Sep 28, 2021 ~ A Great Hiking Location for Sure! I remember this area being a very wonderful place to hike around… other than the huge mosquitoes that is! I tried going down to the canyon area but hit a watery area and didn’t feel like …

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Home of The Big Bike

The Big Bike

~ Last updated on Sep 27, 2021 ~ I’d Give You a Penny to Ride That Farthing! …Another great find while taking the back roads! As far as I know, this is the World’s Largest Penny-Farthing Bike. If you know of one that’s bigger, please let me know in the …

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Truckhenge at Lessman Farm


~ Last updated on Sep 28, 2021 ~ This is actually a 2 for 1 Henge location. Lessman Farm is well known for having Truckhenge, but there is also a Boathenge here as well. I entered the property via the Lessman’s Driveway and spoke to the owner from my vehicle …

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The World’s Largest Fork

World's Largest Fork Springfield, MO

~ Last updated on Sep 27, 2021 ~ Located in Springfield, Missouri is a 35 foot tall fork stuck in the ground at an angle. It weighs 11 tons and is almost as tall as the 3 story building next to it. According to Noble & Associates, a Springfield ad …

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World’s Largest Fork & Meatball

World's Largest Fork & Meatball

~ Last updated on Sep 28, 2021 ~ Branson, Missouri is known for some pretty large things. The World’s Largest Fork & Meatball (not to be confused with The World’s Largest Fork which I saw in Springfield) is located at the Pasghetti’s Italian Restaurant. The fork has ‘pasghetti‘ wrapped around …

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The Whisky Bottle Gravestone

~ Last updated on Oct 7, 2021 ~ This interesting headstone was featured in Ripley’s Believe it or Not and is possibly one of the most visited graves in the area of Clayton, if not the state of Alabama. William T. Mullen’s Whisky Bottle Gravestone The story goes that his …

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