Why Doggo Blogo?

~ Last updated on Jan 21, 2024 ~

When I talk about my dogs, especially my first dog Raven, I often say that adopting a dog has been one of the best decision of my adult life.

Eric the Rescue Hooman
Author, Doggo Blogo & Independent Distributor, Canine Health

Hello and Welcome to the Doggo Blogo!

Eric the Rescue Hooman & his first pupper Raven

Adopting my first doggo Raven was an amazing experience and lead me to want to learn everything I could so that I could take care of her properly. I spent hours reading books as well as asking questions to my veterinarian. As I recall, my first vet visit was over 2 hours long because I was asking them so many questions.

Although there are thousands of resources about doggo care, breeds, and health, I have decided to combine all of this information along with the latest tips on behavior, training, grooming, activities, and canine nutrition into one comprehensive and usable resource.

No one said having a doggo is easy, but knowing how to prepare yourself and your home will help. Ensuring that you make your friendship with your doggo is a valuable and long-lived experience. Learning the proper training, grooming, and health care will help to keep you doggo both mentally and physically healthy.

Be sure to check back often as we continue to add new information.